Track visitors entering & exiting your venue.


View real-time guest metrics by age, gender, et al.


Send insights via social media, SMS & email.¹


¹ Feature coming soon.

A Simple and Clean Counter

With ThatCounter you can easily count visitors at events. ThatCounter is also a useful mobile utility for inventory and vehicle traffic counts.

The app is designed to mimic the simplicity of a mechanical tally counter. Determine the total number of visitors entering or exiting your venue.

Need additional insights? ThatCounter gives you the option of having more than one counter. For example, you can double tap on the screen and easily create an option for counting male and female guests separately.

ThatCounter enables you to add or subtract items, making it easy for event staff to make quick corrections.

This isn't another clunky app slowing down your throughput. It's a speedy minimalist experience so you know instantly who's at your event.


ThatCounter - 2 Counters -Green Screen

Next Steps...

ThatCounter is FREE and can be downloaded for iPhone and iPad at the Apple App Store by searching for "ThatCounter."